Oh man, oh man! I’m so excited, guys. It’s time for another short story! This one takes us back to the very beginning—back to when Elizabeth and Ferryl first met, when their friendship first bloomed. You’ll find out a little more about how Elizabeth came to Navah, about her mysterious past. And you’ll find out what the world looked like through her five-year-old eyes. Not to mention you get to meet a whole slew of new characters, including Ferryl’s surly brother, Derwin.

It was such a blast to get into my characters’ heads as children. I’ve been living in their minds, viewing the world through their eyes for so long that it’s surreal to start sharing it with the real world. But I’ve fallen in love with Elizabeth and Ferryl (and SO MANY more characters you’ve yet to meet). So I hope you’ll enjoy reading this second short story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

As a site note: I’ve read/heard some comments from those of you who are thinking these are chapters of the book. I want to make it clear that these are NOT chapters, but short stories. They are stories in and of themselves, and serve as prequels, if you will, to the main story, which is forthcoming. So in case you’re thinking, “Okay, this is a little disjointed and doesn’t follow any kind of timeline,”  you’re right. Think of these as little 0ne-shot opportunities to get to know the characters whose world I am building and will soon release in the full-length version. Hope that clears things up!

Happy reading!

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