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Addictive. Spell-binding. Beautiful.

Amazon ReviewerReview for The Promised One

This is heading to the top of my list for series now!

Goodreads ReviewerReview for The Purloined Prophecy

Buy this book! Trust me, this love story is a game-changer!

Goodreads ReviewerReview for The Promised One

Usually the second book in fantasy novels are quite disappointing but with this series it was actually MORE satisfying. This is a better book than the first!

Amazon ReviewerReview for The Purloined Prophecy

This book is absolutely amazing! I loved it from beginning to end!

Amazon ReviewerReview for The Promised One

I loved this book! May I have the second book now?!?

Goodreads ReviewerReview for The Promised One

Farris blew my mind with the depth of characters and the intricacies that emerged in the storyline. This is an epic færytale, indeed.

Goodreads ReviewerReview for The Purloined Prophecy

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Every Færytale Has a Beginning

Every færytale has a beginning, and every heart has its secrets. I'm so excited to share this exclusive collection of short stories with you -- the story before the story began! Here's the blurb: The accident that nearly ended it all before…
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Women Are Not Stronger Than Men

I see this a lot in my reader groups: people (particularly girls) asking for recommendations of novels with strong female leads. And then inevitably, fifty people comment with various novels they love and recommend. And almost exclusively, the…
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The Lost Novel - Chapter Two

Hi VIPs! It's December already! Are you having as much fun as I am? As you get ready for Christmas and all the hustle and bustle, here's a little peek back into Meren's world... Read Chapter One again, if you need to catch up. Again, THANK…
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Shallow Art Does Not Good Theology Make

Shallow art does not equal good theology. Let me say that again. Shallow art does not equal good theology. If art isn't authentic to the human experience, it's not art. There. I said it. *breathes* This topic can be...touchy,…

Cyber Monday Deal: Get 25% Off All Items

Monday only, get 25% OFF ALL ITEMS in The Store @ Morgan G Farris with coupon code: CYBERMONDAY Some exclusions apply. Coupon expires Monday, November 26th at 11:59pm CST.
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The Perfection of Imperfection

We all have them. There is no one exempt from their trappings. They haunt us. They chase us. They inhibit us. Sometimes—SOMETIMES—they even inspire us. Imperfections. Bad habits. Quirks. Temperaments. Attitudes. Flaws. Call them what…

American Book Fest Best Book Awards Finalist - The Promised One

The Promised One - Finalist: Religious Fiction American Book Fest: Best Book Awards 2018 I am so honored and excited to share that The Promised One (The Chalam Færytales, Book I) was a finalist in the American Book Fest Best Book Awards for…
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Dinosaurs are Dragons: My Interview with The Arrow and the Song

Hi friends! Today I am sharing a guest post from the blog, The Arrow and the Song, which just so happens to be the blog of my editor, Arielle Bailey. This was one of my favorite interviews ever, simply because the questions are so good. I…

It's Christmas Again - mp3 Now Available for Download

So many of you ask me every year around this time... "Where can I get It's Christmas Again? I want it!" Well, at long last, I'm making it available for download! You can pick it up right in my Store on MorganGFarris.com for only 99¢! My…
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The Lost Novel - Chapter One Releases today!

The Lost Novel Chapter One releases TODAY, but only on Patreon. And only if you're a VIP. And only if you join at...
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The Lost Novel - Chapter One

Hi my friends! You have no idea how excited I am that you are a part of this journey. By becoming a VIP and joining my Lair, you are helping me in a very real way. Your support means more books, more music, and more art, to more people! I cannot…

Into the Wild Wood - Printable Art

Have you seen the latest art from The Chalam Færytales? Inspired by some of my favorite færytales, I drew this image of Eagle in the Wild Wood—the place where she might have come from, if those other winged horses are any indication... Know…
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Read a LOST NOVEL and become a VIP

Today we're announcing something HUGE! You can read a LOST NOVEL in The Chalam Færytales series! How, you ask? By joining the VIP Lair at Patreon!
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"A Truly Remarkable Piece of Work" - Epic Fantasy Færytale Continues with the Release of Book Two

The Purloined Prophecy - NOW AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE. "Where the first book was good, this one grabs you by the shirt and throws you right into it!"

The Purloined Prophecy—Chapter III

Chapter III Duchess Delaney Dupree stood before the edge of the gardens at Benalle Palace—before the edge of the world, it seemed—letting the ocean winds whip her hair around her face, letting the endless waters, the pounding waves soothe…

The Purloined Prophecy—Chapter II

Chapter II It was by a feather-light touch that he had awoken. Like a flutter of wings against his cheek, the intoxicating scent of lavender whirling about him as he opened his eyes and understood it hadn’t been a dream. She was alive. Elizabeth…

The Purloined Prophecy — Chapter I

Chapter I Present Day Something like a tidal wave of relief washed over General Titus Melamed, retired Commander of the Navarian armies, as he crested the rolling hills that surrounded his land. His home. It had been a grueling journey across…

The Purloined Prophecy — Prologue

Prologue Fifteen Years Ago Myron was late. Damned late. And these godsforsaken mountains were freezing, even though it was spring. The snow had melted for the most part, but patches of it remained scattered across the mountain, leaving the…
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The Purloined Prophecy – BOOK 2 IS COMING!

Oh my stars, friends, I am SO EXCITED to show this to you guys. You all went NUTS over the trailer for book 1 (The Promised One) well.... hold on to your hats because this video is going to BLOW YOUR MIND. It's not a book trailer. It's…
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