The Stag at Hand


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Book I of the Chalam Legends series.

There is only one true magic, Miriam. Never forget that. Let it guide you. Wherever you go, whatever happens, never forget it.


A lush victorian fantasy with the imagination of The Greatest Showman, the opulence of Gone With the Wind, and the raw heroism of Redeeming Love.

The Chalam Legends (The Chalam Chronicles, Volume II)… in which an enigmatic stag leads two unlikely allies to discover that magic can change the world if it first changes you. The Legends begin 1,000 years after the Færytales end.

Miriam Sasson is enslaved-body and soul-to the High Priest of Har-Navah. But until she met Ezra Kelach, she hadn’t considered herself worthy of freedom. Quite unexpectedly, Miri and Ezra develop a bond that challenges everything they know about Har-Navah, about magic, and certainly about love. And together, they unveil a legend in the making, finding out that the cost of their bond could be their lives.

With unforgettable characters, heartbreaking romance, and page-turning twists, this richly-intricate fantasy series continues a thousand years after book five left off, exploring themes of the shackles of abuse, the price of freedom, and the power of sacrificial love—all centered around one question: what is the White Stag?

Notice: Contains language, adult situations, and graphic depictions of sexual violence. Reader discretion advised. Not recommended for readers under sixteen.

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5 reviews for The Stag at Hand

  1. Shawna Piersen

    not my favorite in the series (that one goes to the porloined Prophecy) but this is a close second. I gave it 4 stars just because it’s all new charactres and I’m not ready for that. but this boook is so frickin’ good. i couldn’t put it down. i’m going to go read it again.

  2. Garrett

    really good

  3. Julie P.

    Color me obseessed. Once again. This is stupid good.

  4. KK

    Okay this is my favorite int he series so far and i am going to marry ezra gaaaaaaaawwww

  5. Juliette

    This is an incredible book. Profound. Deep. Funny. Warm. I laughed. I cried. I couldn’t put it down. 10/10 recommend if you like kingdom fantasy, victorian, gothic, steampunk vibes, if you like romance, realistic characters, powerful world-building, magic that feels real, characters you can relate to, sassy characters and swoon-worthy book boyfriends.

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