About Morgan G Farris

Bio // The short version:

Morgan G Farris does not know what to call herself. She writes novels and composes music and paints canvases. She also wrangles her loud children and hates laundry and wishes she had a cat. When she’s not creating, she’s probably watching The Office, sipping on a gin and tonic, or watching the sunset. She’d rather be in the mountains and she’s not cut out for the harsh Texas summers she’s been subjected to since birth. Alas, every artist must have their tragic backstory.

There it is: the perfect bio.

*closes laptop pensively*
*stares into sunset*
*sips gin and tonic*

Bio // The much longer, grandiloquent (and terribly pompous) version:

Morgan G Farris is one of those artsy types who dabbles in a little bit of it all: composing, writing, arranging, painting, graphic design and whatever else her creative hands can get ahold of.

Writing songs and playing the piano from the time she was a child, she has penned hundreds and hundreds of songs and compositions. She started her first band when she was in college, and soon began traveling around the country singing her original songs and opening for the likes of Shane and Shane and The Afters. That career eventually took her to legendary stages like The Majestic in Dallas, Texas, Rocketown in Nashville, Tennessee and even Webster Hall in New York City. Her band, which she eventually named Lately after years under the monicker Morgan Guin Band, went on to be featured on TV in every country in the world. She has had her compositions and arrangements performed by some of the greats in Christian music, including Kari Jobe and Gateway Worship, and more recently had the privilege of singing with Bethel Music at the Heaven Come Conference. But after getting married to the love of her life and starting a family, Morgan eventually hung up her traveling hat and settled down in the small town of Granbury, Texas, to put down roots and focus on some of her other passions.

Enter writing.

From the age of nine, Morgan began penning songs. By the time she was a teenager, she had already written hundreds of songs, and had even won a few competitions with them. She was named the Gospel Music Association’s Vocalist of the Year for her original song, Why, which can be found on her full length release, From Somewhere Deep Inside.

But somewhere along the way, that love for writing began to take on other forms, including her blog (MorganGFarris.com), which boasts tens of thousands of hits. But in the summer of 2014, much to her surprise, she sat down to write her first novel. Six weeks later, she had an 80,000 word manuscript. A few months after that, she had another manuscript for a second novel. And a few months after that, she had finished a third novel. The thing about it was that she had no idea why she was writing so prolifically, or why the need to write books had so suddenly burst forth…

…that is, until she began her current project.

Somewhere in 2015, she began writing a manuscript for a fantasy fiction series based on the life of an orphan named Elizabeth, and the winged horse she calls Eagle. The first book of The Chalam Færytales series, The Promised One is an allegorical retelling of the story of King David from the Old Testament—with a few fantastic twists thrown in. It’s a færytale with the magic of Stardust, the romance of The Princess Bride, and the wonder of The Chronicles of Narnia. Find out more, and purchase your copy here!

Other endeavors

Epic Færytales

Morgan is also the founder of Epic Færytales, an online magazine dedicated to curating the best in both old and new fantasy, færytale, and speculative fiction. Boasting thousands of site visitors a month, Epic Færytales, which was founded in 2019, has quickly grown into one of the top sites for book curation and recommendation.

Minor 5 Emporium

Minor 5 Emporium is a victorian-style fantasy shop full of curious, antique, hand-crafted, and artisanal items from around the world. An oddities shop for the new world. By the curious // For the curious.

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