Well, folks, the time has come.

For years I have teased about music I’ve been working on. If you’ve been following closely, you know that I have something a little different in store for you: namely music from my books.

That’s right. Music. As in a soundtrack. A score. Like a movie.

Being an author who is also a musician (or maybe a musician who writes novels, I can’t decide), it was probably inevitable that I would write these scenes and characters and moments with a bed of music in mind. And yes, that’s what I did.

So I decided to sit down at the piano and immortalize some of these songs. On June 5, the first song inspired by my books will release. It’s called Lost Cause and it’s a song for Ezra and Miri’s story.

The Song’s Story

At first glance, you might think any song entitled Lost Cause is inevitably depressing. And in some regards, yes the song is challenging. It takes a long, hard look at addiction and its effects on the people who love the addicted.

Now you might be thinking, “But Morgan, neither Ezra nor Miri have an addiction in your books.”

That’s where you would be wrong. No, neither of them has a substance problem, but Miri is most certainly addicted to her own fear. I speak about this often, but I believe all of us, on some level, have some kind of addiction. For some, yes it manifests in substances. But for most others, it manifests in other, more subtle and insidious ways. For Miri, she is addicted to fearing the worst–mostly in herself. It’s an addiction that causes much heartache for herself and for those who love her most.

If you can’t see by now, you never will

If you won’t face this pain, you never will

But I’ll believe you when you say you’re gonna change

I’ll believe you when you promise that tomorrow’s another day‡

As someone who has walked the long, winding path of additions in various forms all through my life, not only for myself but for people I love dearly, I can speak first-hand of how damaging and painful it can be. I sat down one day at the piano to process some of my own grief and pain from it, and this song came out. While it’s my own, I also knew immediately that it was Ezra’s, too. It’s his song for Miri.

If you won’t own up by now, you never did

But it’s also his song for himself. And for myself. Because while the chorus repeats again and again, You’re a lost cause, it ends with this caveat:

So am I

In other words, I’ll never stop hoping for you. I’ll never stop praying for you. I’ll never stop believing that there is a light at the end of this long tunnel.

If I’ve learned one thing from addiction, it’s that the only way out is through it, and the only way through it is beside someone who sees all of you and loves you for it. That’s the story I tried to write with Miri and Ezra. It’s my story. I would guess it’s probably yours too.

The Rest of the Album

You might be wondering what the rest of the album will be like. In truth, Lost Cause is the most singer-songwriter-style song on the album. The rest is more cinematic, orchestral, and without lyrics. A movie soundtrack, really. I’ll be releasing clips from those songs in the coming weeks on my socials, so if you’re not following me, you should do so now.

Lost Cause will be available on all streaming platforms June 5, 2023.

I am so excited to share this with you!

‡Lyrics by Morgan G Farris. ©2023 Morgan G Farris. All rights reserved.

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