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Lost Cause – Music FROM the Chalam Chronicles

Well, folks, the time has come. For years I have teased about music I've been working on. If you've been following closely, you know that I have something a little different in store for you: namely music from my books. That's right. Music. As in a soundtrack. A score. Like a movie. Being an author who is also a musician (or maybe a musician who writes novels, I can't decide), it was probably inevitable that I would write these scenes and characters and moments with a bed of music in mind. And yes, that's what I did. So I decided

Song Story // Ferryl’s Song

Have you seen the trailer for The Promised One? If you have, then you've gotten a taste of an original composition of mine that I lovingly call Ferryl's Song. It's a piece I wrote for the trailer to tell the story arc of The Promised One from Ferryl's perspective—the peace of a lifelong love that is cast into shadow by dark magic, a journey to awaken the truth, and an ending that doesn't answer everything. Yes, every stanza of this piece tells that story. Can you hear it? Check it out! And yes, in case you're wondering... there is more

Song Story // You Gave It All

I love to share the stories behind my songs. In fact, with most songs I love, I go hunting down the internet for the meaning behind them, and when I find some cool story or inspiration, I usually end up loving the song more. Which is why I started the Song Stories feature on my site. You Gave It All is one of those songs that just came out of me in a matter of a few hours. I sat down, knowing what I wanted to say and I said it. (They don't always happen that way, believe me.) But

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Song Story // A Little More

I am so excited to share the song A Little More with you. It represents an era of my life wrought by trials, pain, fear and doubt. Ever been there? Thought so. We all have, I would dare say. But in this particular time, I was facing one of the most challenging obstacles of my life so far. And while I knew God, while I knew He was there, I felt very lost and very confused. I see the sunshine but I can't get past the clouds I hear the music but I can't make out the sound It's like I

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