Not just the stuff of fiction.

Many of you know that my latest book, The Stag at Hand, is a story of a woman trapped in sexual slavery.

“I think that you like to hide your fear as long as possible. That you like to square your shoulders and lift your chin and pretend that you are strong. That you are someone worth something.” ~From The Stag at Hand by Morgan G Farris

But the truth is, slavery is not just the stuff of fiction or a thing of the past. It is estimated that tens of millions of people are held in slavery today. That’s why I’m partnering with A21, a global non-profit that is working in 18 locations across 13 countries to eradicate human trafficking.

“I want you to come with me. I want you to find your wings and spread them. I want you to know what freedom is. I want you to hold the keys to your cage. No one else.” ~From The Stag at Hand by Morgan G Farris

When you give to my fundraising page, your donation will go towards A21 Rescue initiatives, including things like:

  • Providing translation services for 24/7 human trafficking hotlines
  • Sending social workers to care for exploited children
  • Investing in legal support for survivors to bring their traffickers to justice

Your funds could mean the difference between a life held in captivity and a life that is free. I invite you to join me in giving what you can, where you can. Because when we show up together, we create lasting change in the fight for freedom.

In addition to my A21 fundraiser, now through February 10, 2022, 20% of every sale of The Stag at Hand will go to A21. So by buying my book alone, you’re helping the cause.

Give today. And let’s end slavery forever.

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