I didn’t want to do this.

Truly. I had every intention of releasing Book VI this October. Well, as you can see, it’s December and you still don’t have the book in your hands. There are several reasons for the delay, but the primary reason has to do with losing my Facebook account entirely (read this post for the details of that saga), which basically sent my entire marketing strategy into a tailspin. Couple that with the holiday season and… voila! The book is delayed.


The new release date has been announced and I am happy to report that you will have this delightful book in your hands on:

January 11, 2022

I am so grateful to each one of you for the calls, texts, DMs, emails, and comments. Your support of this series means the world to me. I hope this next book is everything you were hoping for!

On to better things, friends.

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Merry Christmas!


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