So most of you know I’m a musician. It’s in my blood, it colors my world. So of course, music has had a HUGE impact on the writing and creation of The Promised One. It has been a labor of love that started with a tiny seed of an idea. Watered with passion and a whole lot of music, a story—a whole world—started growing. It’s still growing. I love sharing it with you.

So, I thought you might like to hear some of the songs that inspired the books. There are many, many more and I will add them over time. But there is one in particular that I think might very well be the theme song of the first book. “Make Believe” by Cohen is a gorgeous, ethereal story of fairytale love. I imagine the song playing as Ferryl and Elizabeth make their way across the lush palace lawns of Benalle, racing their horses, Eagle’s wings spread wide across the emerald expanse.

Listen. Enjoy. And read the story again. The book is coming, my friends. And I can’t wait!

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