Every færytale has a beginning, and every heart has its secrets.

I’m so excited to share this exclusive collection of short stories with you — the story before the story began! Here’s the blurb:

The accident that nearly ended it all before it began…

Prince Ferryl is content with the simplicity of his days with Elizabeth—horse races through the fields and forests, lazy afternoons in their Secret Place… Until one day his whole world comes to a screeching halt. When Elizabeth is thrown from her enigmatic winged horse, the prince is left to grapple with the possibility of losing her forever—and the consequences of not ever sharing the secret he’s hardly admitted to himself.

Will the crown prince ever get to tell his best friend the truth in his heart?

In this collection of exclusive Chalam Færytales short stories, dive into the past and learn just how the lifelong friendship between Ferryl and Elizabeth began. Plus, learn about the harrowing accident that almost took Elizabeth’s life—and led Ferryl to realize just what he was missing. This is where the færytale began—and where their epic love took root.

Sounds juicy, huh? I just love these short stories. You’ll get to go way back in time to the very beginning with Ferryl and Elizabeth — and follow their færytale love from its fragile beginning to the moment that changed everything.

And the best part? It’s FREE! I mean, c’mon. What are you waiting for? Get yours here:

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