Thank God for the Midnight Pharmacy

I know I have a lot of lessons to learn. But last night was definitely a lesson I can check off the list. That lesson? NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT INFANT TYLENOL. It was a night like any other, I thought. Virge and I were staying at my parents' house for a little fun weekend with them. He went to sleep with no fight at about 7:30, a little early for him, but he didn't take a long nap that day so I didn't think much of it. At about 10, I went to bed because I knew he'd probably wake

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Today Virgil is 8 months, 12 days old. So many milestones, so little time. I wish I would have started this blog when he was younger because so many amazing things have happened since that day. First roll over (in the hospital, seriously). First flu (not quite 3 months old). First sitting up (5 months old). First crawl (7 months old). First time to pull up on something (two days ago). First tooth (two days ago). Okay so there has been more firsts than that, but at least you get the idea. Being a mom has been such an amazing

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My Glamorous Life

I learned a good lesson today: white clothing and seven month olds do not mix. I am dressed up today. I have some goals to accomplish so I thought I'd spruce up the wardrobe and go for the sequins and a white shrug. The brilliance behind this is that I fed my son sweet potatoes and corn for lunch. Orange puke does not an accessory make, or at least not a pretty accessory. Sufficient to say, on the way out the door, I picked up my son while wearing my fancy outfit and thought, "I better put a towel over

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