So a few months ago, I had this idea: what if I made a group on Facebook for writers? A place where we could learn from each other, grow in our craft, figure out things as a community, problem-solve.

So I just made one. I’ll never forget that first day when I invited someone to join. About three members in, a person commented on my invitation to join and said, “Why would I join this? There are only three members.” I was a little dejected, but I pressed on.

Fast forward five months later and we’re about 500 members strong and growing every day. I have been overjoyed at what’s going on and the response from the members. We’re an active, uplifting, realistic, useful community unlike any other writing group on Facebook (and believe me, I’m a member of most of them). We’ve started something organic—a true community built on the principle that the best way to grow in your craft is to surround yourself with like-minded people with similar goals.

Thus, Ampersand Write was born. A Facebook group made for writers, by writers.

As the group grew, I got another crazy idea: What if we had a website where we could provide our members with articles about the biggest questions we get? What if we had a place where we could list real businesses and services that we’ve not only personally used, but recommend so that writers don’t have to sift through so many weeds just to find a reliable editor? Or a decent cover designer? What if?

So today, we officially launched It’s a community, it’s a resource, it’s a hub of information made to help the budding, aspiring writer find exactly what they’re looking for. It’s active, it’s growing, and it’s awesome—we hope you agree!

Who are the &W Admins?

So who are we that we think we know so much? Glad you asked. hahaha

We are a team of four women: three Texans and a Brit. Some of us have been friends for more than a decade. Some of us are neighbors. Some of us met on Facebook! We are mothers and writers and poets and songwriters. We are marketing directors and professional editors and USA Today Best-Selling authors. We all bring something unique to the table, with different goals and ambitions in the writing world. We’ve each made mistakes and learned the hard way in various aspects of this business. But there is one thing we’ve each learned for certain: the writing community is awesome, but it can be overwhelming. When we put our heads together, we realized that we just might be able to make a place that is useful to writers: a resource for all things writing.

Whether you are looking to self publish or traditionally publish, whether you need an editor or a cover designer, whether you need grammatical advice or have a question about how to query an agent, our goal is to be a hub of resources to help you better your craft and learn this business of writing.

So if you haven’t yet, come join us over on Ampersand Write. We’d love to have you!

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