Everyone wants a loyal friend. Few realize you have to BE loyal in order to RECEIVE loyalty. Such is life. I am married to one of the most loyal persons I know and it is from him that I have learned most of what I know of true friendship. Life can be riddled with disappointment. Things don’t work out like we want, people leave us when we least expect or need it, someone lets us down tremendously. It is for these very reasons that we must find who is most loyal and stick to them like glue.

I’ve had my share of disappointments in the lack of loyalty on the part of my so-called friends. It never ceases to amaze me how words mean very little anymore. I guess my mom was right – actions speak louder than words. And actions wound the mature person much deeper than words.

So remember these questions when you’re taking an inventory of whom God has blessed you with: Who has been there through thick and thin with you? Who shows you devotion instead of just saying pretty words? And are you reciprocating equally?

It is by these that you will know where true loyalty lies.

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