I’ve been a part of many churches over the years, but after over six years of being a part of my current church, I have to say that I have never seen a church grow and thrive as healthily as Gateway. It blows my mind how it has practically exploded over the last 12 years (yes, it’s only 12 years old and it is already in the top five largest churches in the country.) I’m not saying all of this to brag. I’m saying all of this to point out that Gateway is doing something right. I’ve made my own personal assessments over the years as to why we are doing so well – from the teaching, to the environment, to the leadership, and on and on. I honestly do not believe it is any one thing that makes Gateway thrive. I believe it is a combination of all the right things, and it starts with a deeper understanding of the Great Commission and how that applies to all peoples (I use the plural with purpose).

My pastor, Robert Morris, has written a new book called The Blessed Church and I am so excited to read it. I have no intention of pastoring a church, planting my own, or anything of the sort. But I am excited to know why he thinks Gateway has thrived. And more importantly, I am blessed to know that he doesn’t view that success as at the expense of other churches. His goal in writing this book is to help all churches who will read it. He is nothing if not humble, I have to say. And that is part of why I love my church!

Check out this video the church just released about the book. I am so excited and so blessed to be a part of Gateway. I pray that you can say the same about your church!


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