A few years ago I lost my dear friend, Stacy, to a blood clot that led to her sudden passing during childbirth. This is America. Things like that just don’t happen very often thanks to modern medicine and all its marvels. So needless to say, we were all shocked. We wondered how something like this could happen, especially to someone who was bringing an innocent little baby into the world – a baby that will never know his own mother. It was a tragedy to say the least, and in the midst of it, I wrote the song Somehow. You see, Stacy was a born again believer in Christ. And she wasn’t one of those “go to church on Sunday because I’m supposed to” kind of Christians either. She was a died in the wool, sold out, all or nothing kind of believer. So I knew that in the midst of my tears and questions, she would be saying to me, “don’t worry about it, just believe.”

I want to share with you that song and the story behind it as a little piece of encouragement. We have all experienced loss in some form. My prayer is that this will touch your heart, bless you, and pass on to you a little piece of the legacy of faith Stacy left behind for those who knew her. It’s what she would have wanted, after all.

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“Somehow” Devotional

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