I was in my room putting on my make-up at my dressing table – my typical morning routine. My son was playing around the house, in and out of my room with random toys and gadgets he found impressive – his typical morning routine. He walked up to me with his winning smile, the one and only remote control to our precious, smart 3D HDTV in his hand. That was the last time I saw the remote control.

Honestly, I have looked everywhere: the toilets, the closets, under beds, in drawers, in trash cans, in toy chests, in nooks and crannies all over the house. That dad-blamin’ remote is nowhere to be found. Nowhere.

So I have to ask myself… how does a twenty-month-old hide something so perfectly? What possible nook or cranny has he found in this house that I haven’t thought of? I looked in the bathtub, for goodness sake! I looked in the acoustic hole of my guitar (where to my shock I found another remote control I didn’t know I was missing. The little stinker…)! I will never, ever again underestimate his abilities. And I will also never, ever again let my son nonchalantly walk away with something so prized as the remote control…

Addendum: I want to be mad, but did you look at that face? How can I be mad?

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