Why are we so apt to sue for every little thing these days? I heard about the class action lawsuit against AT&T for their iPhone exclusivity contract. What??? That deal was made years ago. And they had every right to make it. Why are they just now complaining about it? And now there’s a potential class action lawsuit against Apple because Consumer Reports decided to announce that the iPhone is not fit to buy. Nevermind that most, if not all, cell phones lose signal strength when you cover them up with your hand. Nevermind that it’s only a handful of people who have actually experienced these problems. Nevermind that if you put a cover on it, the problem goes away. No, let’s sue. Let’s make a quick buck off of the evil big corporations who don’t deserve all the money they make anyway.

And now the Wall Street Journal is reporting that most of the lawsuits against Toyota are based on false pretenses, as most of the drivers had their foot on the gas pedal when they claimed “uncontrollable acceleration.” Sounds like a conspiracy if ever there was one.

I’m sick of this “I deserve something for nothing” attitude in America these days. It reeks of Socialism. And I for one won’t stand for it.

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