Anyone who knows me personally knows I’m not very good at hiding what I really think. If I’m elated about something, I won’t hide it from anyone, even if I try. If I’m disappointed in you, I won’t be able to pretend otherwise and I’ll wear that disappointment on my shirt sleeve like a badge of courage. In my short tenure in the corporate world, it has become evident to me the need to be able to “play the game:” to learn how to shut your mouth when necessary, put on your game face, grin and bear it.

Sufficient to say, I am a categorical failure at this necessity. In fact, I might very well be the poster child for foot-in-mouth syndrome. And as I sit here typing this blog on my handy little iPhone, I find myself facing the very dilemma I’ve yet to overcome. And I ask myself if it’s a betrayal of integrity to pretend like I am okay with the injustices I see around me. I know, for the sake of perpetuity, I ought to learn this trait and learn it fast. But inevitably, every time I’ve faced this challenge, I’ve resorted to the notion of staying true to myself and speaking out for what I know is right. The situation I face today is different. I’ve spoken. It hasn’t been heard. So now I’m faced with a choice: shut my mouth or continue to speak to the brick wall.

And I write all this to ask, what would you do?

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