Pickin’ and Grinnin’

I took a break. I took a break from the band. I took a break from leading worship. It was for different reasons than what I now realize I actually needed a break from. My pregnancy gave me an excuse to take a break because I was tired. But I didn't know what I was tired from. I thought it was just drama and the sometimes thankless job of the indie musician. But that wasn't it at all. I needed a break from me. I stepped down from leading worship four years ago. [blockquote align="right"]I needed a break from me.[/blockquote]

July 20th, 2011|Christian Life, Worship|0 Comments

I’ve got a surprise for you…

I've been working on a song in the studio that no one has ever heard before. I've never played it live. I played it for my husband once about 6 months ago, but he doesn't remember it. hahaha! And I'll be sharing it with you all soon. Hint: it's about a very small person. 😀

February 28th, 2011|Worship|0 Comments
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