OCs: Ferryl & Elizabeth

I'm not very good at drawing people. Ask anyone who has asked me for art and they'll tell you... So this is your official disclaimer that this is merely my labor of love, by no means my crowning glory. Ha! But I needed to see Prince Ferryl and Elizabeth. I needed to bring them to life. So, my friends, I give you to you my OCs, in this piece I'm lovingly calling Dreamers. P.S.: Did you know that "chalam" is Hebrew for dream? Yes, that's a chalam tree behind them. They shared a chalam... they shared a dream, after all.

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Faerytale Castle

Morgan G Farris ©2017 Morgan G Farris All rights reserved. Art Information: Inspired by the worlds of The Promised One, Faerytale Castle is a digital mixed media piece available in multiple formats including framed art prints and canvases on Society6. This work is the sole copyright of Morgan G Farris. Any unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws. Copyright: Morgan G Farris Software: PhotoShop Published by: Minor 5 Publishing Shop Now: [av_productgrid categories='166' columns='5' items='5' wc_prod_visible='' wc_prod_hidden='' wc_prod_featured='' offset='0' sort='date' paginate='yes' av_uid='av-2m8j7d']  

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