I remember it well. It was six years ago today. Our wedding day. The weather was perfect – sunny, seventy-five degrees, blue skies, crisp, fall air. The grass was still green. The trees still had their leaves. The flowers still had their blooms. It was as if God had put fall on hold for our special day. Everyone marveled at the weather – it was like a dream.

“You’re so lucky,” we heard. “The weather is just gorgeous!”

And it was. Fall in Texas is beautiful, but not typically because of the colors, or the foliage; it’s beautiful because it’s a welcome reprieve from the brutal summer. But fall in Texas is usually brown. And crunchy. And messy.

But not this day.

It was as if October 25, 2008 was destined to be the perfect day for our blessed union. And we didn’t argue with God’s decision to hold off the wind. And the rain. And the pecan leaves falling brown and messy on our outdoor altar.

But we knew it wasn’t luck that blessed us that day. It was God.

And that blessing was and is a beautiful reflection of our marriage. Six years in and I’ve never been more in love with you, Lance. You’re my best friend. You’re the most incredible man of God I’ve ever known, and I’ve known a lot of men of God. You amaze me with your faith, your solidarity, your loyalty, your humility, your love. I want to be more like you. You’re my rock. And I know you’re my gift from God above.

I also know that it wasn’t luck that kept us in love. It wasn’t luck that made us fall more in love everyday. Just like our beautiful wedding day, it wasn’t anything but the grace of God Himself. And our marriage is what it is because we made a decision from the beginning – to make it a three-stranded cord, not a two-way street.

We chose God. We chose to trust Him. We chose to include Him in our marriage. And it has paid off. Boy, has it paid off.

We aren’t still in love because we just haven’t had to deal with adversity. We haven’t grown closer because we’ve skipped through the tulips for the past six years. No, we’ve seen a lot, you and I. We’ve been to hell and back. Together. We’ve walked through the shrapnel of failed relationships, abuse, hurt, pain, loss, grief, misunderstanding, fear, financial trouble, anger, and unforgiveness. Some of it we have brought on ourselves. Some of it was handed to us on a silver platter with a ransom note reading, “Deal with this, or else.”

We’ve wished we had answers. We’ve prayed desperately for deliverance. And we’ve wondered what in the world God was doing.

But through it all – through it ALL – we’ve held fast to our faith in the One who can, and does, hold our hands, go before us, go behind us, and love us through this journey called marriage. Through it all we’ve chosen to trust Jesus despite not understanding Him all the time. Through it all we’ve depended on Him to be our portion, not each other. And through it all, we’ve seen His righteous right hand delivering us time after time.

That’s why our marriage is blessed. That’s why we’re successful. That’s why we’re more in love today than yesterday – and we’ll be more in love tomorrow.

And that’s why you’re my best friend, Lance.

Happy anniversary, sexy. Here’s to a hundred more.

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