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Let the official countdown begin!

Guys... GUYS. The official countdown to the COVER & TITLE…
May 11, 2018/by Morgan G Farris

What’s with all the Hebrew in The Promised One?

Maybe you noticed it... maybe not. But in The Promised One, there…
May 4, 2018/by Morgan G Farris

OCs: Ferryl & Elizabeth

I'm not very good at drawing people. Ask anyone who has asked…
April 29, 2018/by Morgan G Farris

Song Inspirations: Ferryl and Elizabeth

So.... music inspires me, in case you can't tell. And when…
April 20, 2018/by Morgan G Farris

What’s up with the man hate?

Last week, Twitter blew up with the hashtag #MisandryInPublishing.…
April 13, 2018/by Morgan G Farris

Book Recommendation: The Princess Bride

Okay, okay, I know.... it's not a new book. I get it. You're…
April 6, 2018/by Morgan G Farris

Song Story // Ferryl’s Song

Have you seen the trailer for The Promised One? If you have,…
March 23, 2018/by Morgan G Farris

The Promised One :: Chapter I

t had been love—deep, abiding, earth-shattering love—the…
March 11, 2018/by Morgan G Farris

Ampersand Write Presents: Debut Author Morgan G Farris

Hey guys! It's release day!! Hooray!! The Promised One is officially…
January 9, 2018/by Morgan G Farris

Sneak Peek Chapters

If you don't know yet, I have a book coming out. Crazy, right?…
December 19, 2017/by Morgan G Farris


I am a perfectionist. There. I said it. I like to wrap things…
December 17, 2017/by Morgan G Farris

The Promised One – Trailer!

Guys... GUYS! The Promised One has a trailer! I am dying…
December 16, 2017/by Morgan G Farris

The Promised One (The Chalam Færytales, Book I)

Morgan G Farris
©2018 Morgan G Farris All rights reserved.
November 14, 2017/by Morgan G Farris

What Is The Promised One?

In honor of my book's upcoming release, I thought I might share…
October 31, 2017/by Morgan G Farris

The Chalam Færytales Street Team

It's official — my book The Promised One: The Chalam Færytales…
October 23, 2017/by Morgan G Farris
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