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My Interview with Voyage Dallas Magazine

My Interview with Voyage Dallas
Recently, I had the privilege…
January 30, 2019/by Morgan G Farris

Happy Birthday, The Promised One!

Happy Birthday, The Promised One. You're still my favorite.
January 9, 2019/by Morgan G Farris

The Novels God Himself Is Not Allowed to Read

I want to inspire you today.
I hear this a lot: "Gosh, Morgan,…
January 7, 2019/by Morgan G Farris

2018: A Look Back at My First Year In Publishing

What I've learned, what I'm changing, and what to expect for…
December 31, 2018/by Morgan G Farris

Get an Autographed eBook!

That's right. An AUTOGRAPHED eBook! Thanks to the awesome folks…
December 27, 2018/by Morgan G Farris

The Purloined Prophecy – Now on KU

Well, I've been kicking around doing this for a long time, but…
December 26, 2018/by Morgan G Farris

Every Færytale Has a Beginning

Every færytale has a beginning, and every heart has its secrets.
December 7, 2018/by Morgan G Farris

Women Are Not Stronger Than Men

I see this a lot in my reader groups: people (particularly girls)…
December 4, 2018/by Morgan G Farris

Shallow Art Does Not Good Theology Make

Shallow art does not equal good theology. Let me say that again.

November 27, 2018/by Morgan G Farris

Cyber Monday Deal: Get 25% Off All Items

Monday only, get 25% OFF ALL ITEMS in The Store @ Morgan G Farris…
November 25, 2018/by Morgan G Farris

12 Days of Christmas GIVEAWAYS!

November 22, 2018/by Morgan G Farris

The Perfection of Imperfection

We all have them. There is no one exempt from their trappings.…
November 20, 2018/by Morgan G Farris

American Book Fest Best Book Awards Finalist – The Promised One

The Promised One - Finalist: Religious Fiction
American Book…
November 13, 2018/by Morgan G Farris

Dinosaurs are Dragons: My Interview with The Arrow and the Song

Hi friends! Today I am sharing a guest post from the blog, The…
November 13, 2018/by Morgan G Farris

It’s Christmas Again – mp3 Now Available for Download

So many of you ask me every year around this time... "Where can…
November 9, 2018/by Morgan G Farris