The Secret of the Wings

I know… you’ve been asking. WHAT THE HECK ARE THOSE MOTHS?

Well, you see here’s the deal. You can find out what those moths are that plague Ferryl day in and day out. You can find out what is the deal with those butterflies that swarm the mountainside in The Purloined Prophecy. Or that mysterious wolf/butterfly sculpture in Chesedelle Castle.

You can find out by reading the lost novel of The Chalam Færytales.

And you can only read the lost novel on Patreon.

But as a treat, I’ve made the first chapter public. That’s right—you can read the first chapter of the lost novel for FREE right now! 

And if it whets your appetite to find out more… well, I can’t be responsible for that.

Or maybe I can.


Read Chapter One of the lost novel today!