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American Book Fest Best Book Awards Finalist – The Promised One

The Promised One - Finalist: Religious Fiction
American Book…
November 13, 2018/by Morgan G Farris

It’s Christmas Again – mp3 Now Available for Download

So many of you ask me every year around this time... "Where can…
November 9, 2018/by Morgan G Farris

The Lost Novel – Chapter One Releases today!

The Lost Novel Chapter One releases TODAY, but only on Patreon. And only if you're a VIP. And only if you join at...
November 1, 2018/by Morgan G Farris

Read a LOST NOVEL and become a VIP

Today we're announcing something HUGE! You can read a LOST NOVEL in The Chalam Færytales series! How, you ask? By joining the VIP Lair at Patreon!
October 20, 2018/by Morgan G Farris

“A Truly Remarkable Piece of Work” – Epic Fantasy Færytale Continues with the Release of Book Two

The Purloined Prophecy - NOW AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE. "Where the first book was good, this one grabs you by the shirt and throws you right into it!"
October 2, 2018/by Morgan G Farris

The Purloined Prophecy – BOOK 2 IS COMING!

Oh my stars, friends, I am SO EXCITED to show this to you…
July 20, 2018/by Morgan G Farris

Let the official countdown begin!

Guys... GUYS. The official countdown to the COVER & TITLE…
May 11, 2018/by Morgan G Farris

OCs: Ferryl & Elizabeth

I'm not very good at drawing people. Ask anyone who has asked…
April 29, 2018/by Morgan G Farris

Song Story // Ferryl’s Song

Have you seen the trailer for The Promised One? If you have,…
March 23, 2018/by Morgan G Farris