So most of you know I’m a musician. It’s in my blood, it colors my world. So of course, music has had a HUGE impact on the writing and creation of The Promised One. It has been a labor of love that started with a tiny seed of an idea. Watered with passion and a whole lot of music, a story—a whole world—started growing. It’s still growing. I love sharing it with you.

So, I thought you might like to hear some of the songs that inspired the books. There are many, many more and I will add them over time. But there is one in particular that I think might very well be the theme song of the first book. “Make Believe” by Cohen is a gorgeous, ethereal story of fairytale love. I imagine the song playing as Ferryl and Elizabeth make their way across the lush palace lawns of Benalle, racing their horses, Eagle’s wings spread wide across the emerald expanse.

Listen. Enjoy. And read the story again. The book is coming, my friends. And I can’t wait!

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Fallen in love with Ferryl and Elizabeth? Yeah, me too. Why not show your love with a little wallpaper? Available for your computer, phone or tablet, you can show the world your love for The Promised One and look good doing it.

Many have asked the significance of the image, and while I can’t give it all away (because the book will answer most of your questions), I can say that the image is of a chalam tree, chalam being the Hebrew transliteration for dream. The ancient Navarian legends say that those who share of the fruit from a chalam will share of the same destiny.

Yeah, so that’s all I can tell you about that… *rubs hands, laughs maniacally*

And that moth? Well, let’s just say that not all is rosy in the land of The Promised One.

Oh man, I can’t WAIT to share this book with you. For now, download some wallpaper, read the teaser story and help spread the word!

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Oh man, oh man! I’m so excited, guys. It’s time for another short story! This one takes us back to the very beginning—back to when Elizabeth and Ferryl first met, when their friendship first bloomed. You’ll find out a little more about how Elizabeth came to Navah, about her mysterious past. And you’ll find out what the world looked like through her five-year-old eyes. Not to mention you get to meet a whole slew of new characters, including Ferryl’s surly brother, Derwin.

It was such a blast to get into my characters’ heads as children. I’ve been living in their minds, viewing the world through their eyes for so long that it’s surreal to start sharing it with the real world. But I’ve fallen in love with Elizabeth and Ferryl (and SO MANY more characters you’ve yet to meet). So I hope you’ll enjoy reading this second short story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

As a site note: I’ve read/heard some comments from those of you who are thinking these are chapters of the book. I want to make it clear that these are NOT chapters, but short stories. They are stories in and of themselves, and serve as prequels, if you will, to the main story, which is forthcoming. So in case you’re thinking, “Okay, this is a little disjointed and doesn’t follow any kind of timeline,”  you’re right. Think of these as little 0ne-shot opportunities to get to know the characters whose world I am building and will soon release in the full-length version. Hope that clears things up!

Happy reading!

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I am so very thrilled to share with you something I have been working on for a long time (and consequently, something I’ve been *dying* to tell you about). I’d like to officially introduce you to the world of The Promised One, a fantasy series I’ve been writing since 2015.

I’m currently immersed in the writing/editing/writing more/editing more life that is novel creation. It’s a crazy world that I NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS thought I’d ever want to be a part of. But something just clicked in me one day about two and a half years ago, and since then, I’ve penned six (yes, SIX) full-length manuscripts, with plans for MANY more.

That being said, this is the very first work I’m sharing with the world. It’s set in the world of the series I’m writing, but it is not part of the major work. It was originally the prologue for the first book in the series, but as editing goes, it made its way to the cutting room floor.

But then one day I had this crazy idea that it might make a good short story. And that it might make a good introduction to this world I’m creating. And that you might like to read it as a little appetizer before the main course.

So I’m releasing it. *bites nails nervously*

I’ll say this: in the hours after I quietly released it to a select few, I was shocked at the amount of strangers who commented or contacted me to let me know that they wanted MORE, MORE, MORE. It certainly whetted my appetite for this whole world of online writing; and it gave me the gumption to say that perhaps I’m on to something. Maybe you’ll agree.

So without further ado, I am proud to introduce you to “The Promised One: The Fall”, a short story. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it.