morganandkariSome of you may have already heard, but something crazy amazing happened this Easter. As part of the Gateway Worship team and choir, it was mentioned that it would be awesome to have a choir descant to sing with Kari at Easter. I took it as a personal challenge and sat down at the piano one afternoon to see if the Lord had anything He wanted to write through me.

He did.

In the bridge of this song (at the 3:32 mark), you’ll hear the descant that I wrote to Kari Jobe’s amazing anthem, “Forever.” (ProTop: You might even get to see my mug singing and crying like a baby somewhere around the 5:14 mark.) 🙂 I will never, in all my life, forget the moment during sound check when Kari heard the descant for the first time. She cried. Our worship pastor, Thomas Miller cried. I cried. Like a little baby, I sobbed. It was a Holy Spirit moment like no other. And all nine times we had the privilege of worshipping this song with the Gateway congregation, it felt like Christmas morning. No, it felt like Easter morning.

For He is risen, He is risen indeed!

Enjoy this, my friends. The Holy Spirit is all over it and I dare you to listen without crying.

Love you all!

I had the privilege of helping to write and arrange the background vocal choir parts for this song. I encourage you to listen to the lyrics. They are breathtaking and powerful. And if you look close enough, you might even see me singing with the choir on the front row. 🙂

He is the Lamb, He is the love!

Happy listening.

So I had the privilege of being a part of this. And I still ugly snot cry every time I watch it, the same way I did up on that platform. The Holy Spirit was ALL OVER this. You’ll see the audience agreed. Enjoy! (And get some Kleenex.)

Artist: Gateway Worship feat. Rita Springer
When: Gateway Conference 2014, Southlake, Texas

The official lyric video for the single, A Little More, by Morgan G Farris.

Piano/Vocals: Morgan G Farris
Drums: Ty Lambert
Guitar/BGVs: Halston Portalez
Bass/BGVs: Marc Gonzales

©2014 Morgan G Farris. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

A little worship rehearsal never hurt anyone. This is one of my favorite worship songs because it reminds me of traditional hymns, a breed of worship I happened to grow up on and still love. Enjoy! 🙂

Morgan G Farris (formerly Lately) performs Beauty of the Mystery in front of a live studio audience for the taping of Daystar’s Check the Sound. Recorded September 18, 2008. First aired February 20, 2009.

Piano/Vocals: Morgan G Farris
Drums: Daniel Taylor
Bass/BGVs: Marc Gonzales

©2008-2014 Morgan G Farris. All rights reserved.