Have you seen the trailer for The Promised One? If you have, then you’ve gotten a taste of an original composition of mine that I lovingly call Ferryl’s Song. It’s a piece I wrote for the trailer to tell the story arc of The Promised One from Ferryl’s perspective—the peace of a lifelong love that is cast into shadow by dark magic, a journey to awaken the truth, and an ending that doesn’t answer everything.

Yes, every stanza of this piece tells that story. Can you hear it?

Check it out!

And yes, in case you’re wondering… there is more to come where this is concerned. *grins maniacally*

Guys… GUYS! The Promised One has a trailer! I am dying I love it so much. It was brilliantly crafted by Jagg Pette and the amazing team over at GreenFox Marketing.

And yes, I wrote and performed the music for it. *sigh*


And don’t forget to preorder!

I just love these lyrics — take courage. He’s in the waiting.

Because…the Beatles, right?

Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. Because…I mean, do I need a because?

morganandkariSome of you may have already heard, but something crazy amazing happened this Easter. As part of the Gateway Worship team and choir, it was mentioned that it would be awesome to have a choir descant to sing with Kari at Easter. I took it as a personal challenge and sat down at the piano one afternoon to see if the Lord had anything He wanted to write through me.

He did.

In the bridge of this song (at the 3:32 mark), you’ll hear the descant that I wrote to Kari Jobe’s amazing anthem, “Forever.” (ProTop: You might even get to see my mug singing and crying like a baby somewhere around the 5:14 mark.) 🙂 I will never, in all my life, forget the moment during sound check when Kari heard the descant for the first time. She cried. Our worship pastor, Thomas Miller cried. I cried. Like a little baby, I sobbed. It was a Holy Spirit moment like no other. And all nine times we had the privilege of worshipping this song with the Gateway congregation, it felt like Christmas morning. No, it felt like Easter morning.

For He is risen, He is risen indeed!

Enjoy this, my friends. The Holy Spirit is all over it and I dare you to listen without crying.

Love you all!