Wicked Game

I've always loved this song. From the time I was young, it would come on the radio and I would stop just to listen to its haunting melody. Its hypnotic repetition. Its romance and its heartbreak. Fast forward to my writing days and I find my characters within the depths of songs. This one for me is the song of Michael and Delaney. It's their story—hers and his. So I decided I should sing it for them. It's only fair that I should serenade fictional characters, right?

February 16th, 2020|Videos|0 Comments

Heaven Come 2018

Every once in a while, you have these moments you know will define you. Mark you. Change you forever. This was one of those for me. I had the crazy, amazing, life-altering privilege of singing in the Heaven Come Conference with Bethel Music this year. And wow. Just... wow. There is something indescribable about being in a room of 6,500 people singing out to the Creator at the top of their lungs. I mean, come on. You can check out a little of that night in the video. And you'll see my little mug anytime they zoom in on Jenn

June 4th, 2018|The Blog, Videos|0 Comments


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