It’s My Favorite Time of Year

Fall. It's the best. When you live in Texas like I do, it's the best for a lot of reasons. Namely, you've just come out of what was quite possibly the hottest summer you've ever experienced (even though you say that every year) and you're so desperate for relief that when it finally comes, all you can say is, "Thank you, Jesus!" But aside from the falling temps, there is something so magical about this time of year to me. Maybe it's that the days are getting shorter and the nights are crisp. Maybe it's the pumpkins and general feeling

October 18th, 2012|Art, Family|0 Comments

Original Art – Now on Etsy!

Hi friends, I just wanted to share with you that you can now purchase some of my original artwork on Etsy now! I'll be adding new stuff all the time so check it out often! You are all awesome!! ~Captain

July 26th, 2011|Art|0 Comments


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