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A færytale with the magic of Stardust, the romance of The Princess Bride, and the wonder of The Chronicles of Narnia. Discover the magic that could change the fate of the world.

Praise for The Promised One

Addictive. Spell-binding. Beautiful.

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Buy this book! Trust me, this love story is a game-changer!

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This book is absolutely amazing! I loved it from beginning to end!

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I loved this book! May I have the second book now?!?

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All About the Chalam Færytales


Song Inspirations: Ferryl and Elizabeth

So.... music inspires me, in case you can't tell. And when I was writing The Promised One, that truth found no exception. Somewhere deep in the bowels of the singer/songwriter section of Apple Music, I found RHODES. And my life was never…
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What's up with the man hate?

Last week, Twitter blew up with the hashtag #MisandryInPublishing. Apparently some poor, hapless (male) soul posted that he believed it to be a real problem and women. went. nuts. Oh man, the hate on Twitter. It’s mind-blowing how nasty…
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Ferryl's Song

Have you seen the trailer for The Promised One? If you have, then you've gotten a taste of an original composition of mine that I lovingly call Ferryl's Song. It's a piece I wrote for the trailer to tell the story arc of The Promised One…

The Promised One :: Chapter I

t had been love—deep, abiding, earth-shattering love—the kind about which færytales are written and wars are fought. So she could think of no logical reason why he could not remember it. Or her. In fact, she could only gape as she watched…
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Ampersand Write Presents: Debut Author Morgan G Farris

Hey guys! It's release day!! Hooray!! The Promised One is officially available for purchase wherever books are sold. Oh man, I am FREAKING OUT!!! I wanted to share with you an article from Ampersand Write, a writing community I am a part of.…

Sneak Peek Chapters

If you don't know yet, I have a book coming out. Crazy, right? Only a few more weeks until it's available to the world. *bites nails* In the weeks leading up to the release, I'm putting up the first chapters as a sort of sneak peek, an appetite…

The Promised One - Trailer!

Guys... GUYS! The Promised One has a trailer! I am dying I love it so much. It was brilliantly crafted by Jagg Pette and the amazing team over at GreenFox Marketing. And yes, I wrote and performed the music for it. *sigh* Enjoy! And…

What Is The Promised One?

In honor of my book's upcoming release, I thought I might share with you a little bit about it. The story of where it came from, how it came about, and some of the why behind The Promised One: The Chalam Færytales. If you're in the street…

The Chalam Færytales Street Team

It's official — my book The Promised One: The Chalam Færytales Book I is coming out in January! Oh man, I'm so excited! It's an allegorical faerytale set in a world of magic and wicked queens and horses with wings and... It's just so thrilling…

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